Hi, I’m Oliver Thomas, an architect deeply engaged with storytelling.

Ideas have energy, they’re inspiring. But they need organisation and direction to make them meaningful.

Through imagination paired with strategy, I help people organise ideas to make libraries, museums, public spaces, movies, focus growth, kickstart businesses and clarify brand value and expression.


Torshov Library.Principle architect on the redevelopment of the public library in Oslo.

Falstad Officer’s Home. Co-architect on a three year venture to develop a new exhibition format and building in a WWII officer’s home at Falstad in Northern Norway—a large scale human rights exhibition.

Halden Canal Museum. Co-architect of the exterior park, and new exhibition building for Østfoldmuseene.

Telthuset. Project architect and consultant on the interior of the building owned by Hadeland Folkemuseum.

Oslo Photography Museum. Competition project for the new photography museum to be built by the Norwegian National Opera House.

Amerikalinjen. Interior planning and furniture design for the luxury boutique hotel in the centre of Oslo.

Lørenskog Bygdemuseum. Interior exhibition development and planning.

Stovner Library. Project architect and consultant on the development of the complete library transformation in Oslo.

Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology Foyer. Project architect and consultant on the development of the new foyer.

Grünerlökka Library. Project architect and consultant on the development of the childrens library department.

Marjsen. Production design/cinematography of a collaborative shadow theatre play/film, created by Petter Width Kristiansen. Autumn 2019.

Darkness. Preparing a documentary as part of an extended artistic research programme to be recorded in Chile. Funded by Oslo Nation Academy of Arts. Early 2020.

Phonotope. Co-production design and film production of the orchestra written by Rolf Wallin. Prepping exhibition staging at the Norwegian National Opera House.

Courted. Production design of the BAFTA qualified short film written and directed by Andres Heger-Bratterud.

SFMOMA Artistic Research. Choreography film production of Felt Room/Lineage by Body Cartography at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Funded by Oslo Nation Academy of Arts.

MiniMeis. Design, branding, and video production for the child shoulder carrier startup, founded by Norwegian Dads.

Norway Cup. Design consulting and web development for the international youth football tournament, one of the world’s largest tournaments.

Sinsen Sentral. Developing a business around a collab studio and race car workshop in Oslo.

Yes, my website is slightly spartan presently. Will upload something more tasty soon!