About this Website

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This website is born out of a guilty pleasure for blogging. Since I’m mostly occupied with realising projects, writing takes second priority.

Therefore I write with a living document methodology, which means not everything I publish is finished. I tag posts with both a “status” and “confidence” tag to indicate how well a post and its ideas have been developed.

Status tags

Posts are tagged with a “status” tag describing the its intent or degree of completion: random “notes”, “draft” that will lead to an article or thesis, “in progress” is a more well-developed draft, and finally when a post is done it is tagged as “finished”.

Confidence tags

Posts sometimes have “confidence” tags — an idea I have borrowed from Gwern Branwen. These represent my confidence in a given thesis and range from:

  • “certain”

  • “highly likely”

  • “likely”

  • “possible”

  • “unlikely”

  • “highly unlikely”

  • “remote”

  • “impossible”