Stoic Business Design


Sharing experience from the business and design of ESG-technology

Welcome to my newsletter on the business, principles, and design of improving the built world seen through my involvement in proptech and offshore carbon.

I write from my perspective as a business developer with seasoned experience in product, software, and a formal background in architecture focused on participatory design — an approach to actively involving all stakeholders in product development.

My weird passion for business and design has let me dive head first into things I didn’t think I was remotely qualified for — proptech and offshore carbon. Combined with my guilty pleasure for blogging, I have decided to share the challenges I’ve been faced with, and how I’ve managed to leverage them to make shit happen.

In my newsletter I will be sharing:

  • Business acumen for product designers

  • Product acumen for business developers

  • Digitisation strategies for community centric real estate

  • Economics of carbon capture, shipping, and offshore storage

  • My fascination for stoicism applied to entrepreneurship

There is much to be gained by connecting these perspectives, particularly when it comes to developing well-integrated ESG-focused technology for improving the built world.

I would be honoured by your participation.

Best regards,