Proptech Summit Flash Flood

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Image by Torleif Kvinnesland

4 days until hosting one of Europe’s greatest proptech conferences with 1000 guests and 75 speakers. But no. Disaster struck as a burst pipe completely flooded our venue.

In the bustling world of proptech, where the future of real estate is shaped and molded by the latest technological innovations, the Proptech Summit 2023 was poised to be an unforgettable event. With only four days left until the grand event, excitement was in the air as preparations were underway to host 1000 guests and 75 speakers.

Little did anyone expect that mother nature had a different plan in store. The stage was set, but disaster struck in the form of an unexpected flood caused by a burst pipe that turned our venue into a waterlogged wonderland.

As the waterlogged chaos unfolded, the irony wasn’t lost on us. In a world where smart technology reigns supreme, we found ourselves in a situation where even the most sophisticated proptech couldn’t predict the impending flood. It seemed we were yet to develop smart weather tech to save us from the watery woes that befell our summit.

Show must go on

Undeterred by the aquatic inconvenience, the Proptech Norway squad pressed on. The global proptech landscape had faced its challenges earlier in the year, but the flood was a testament to the unpredictable nature of the industry. Despite the setbacks, Norwegian proptech continued to ride the tide of success, showcasing the resilience of the community.

The conference became a historic event, not just for the insights and innovations shared but also for the unexpected aquatic adventure. Attendees and speakers, undeterred by the damp surroundings, immersed themselves in a day filled with inspiration, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Sailing the basement oceans

Videos of the summit sessions now serve as a unique memory for those who braved the flood or chose to navigate the digital waves from a drier location. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who recorded the infamous video — please let me know if it is your recording, dear reader!

A heartfelt thank you was extended to the main partner, Smedvig, and the program and innovation partners who weathered the storm with us. Their commitment to shedding light on technology’s role in reducing costs and carbon footprints in the real estate industry was a beacon of hope in our watery escapade.

Looking forward

As the Proptech Summit 2023 bids adieu, the proptech community looks ahead. The Proptech Summit 2024 is already in the planning stages, promising more insights, innovation, and perhaps, waterproof venues.

But that’s not all – the Nordic Proptech Awards 2024 have opened their floodgates for nominations. In a fittingly fluid move, startups now have the chance to showcase their solutions to potential customers, investors, and partners in the Nordic region. The categories cover everything from finance and construction technology to property management, market trends, and even sustainability in building design.

The flood at the Proptech Summit 2023 serves as a reminder that, even with all our smart tech, we can’t predict everything. Yet, it also stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of the proptech community. As we look forward to the Proptech Summit 2024, we raise a toast to innovation, determination, and the unpredictability that makes the proptech journey truly one-of-a-kind. Here’s to making waves in the world of proptech. See you at the Proptech Summit 2024 — flood or shine!